333’s 600th – A Daily Banquet for the Inner Man

Sunday, January 20, 2013

“I will meditate in thy precepts, and have respect unto thy ways” (Psalm 119:15 KJV).

Beloved, as we reach another milestone, rejoice in Christ with us!

Nothing compares to God’s Word working in you when you believe it (1 Thessalonians 2:13). It takes the lost and dying sinner and makes him or her a saint of the Most High God. It grips the hearts of saints and causes them to do the work of the ministry. It is a lighthouse of hope when the storms of life ravage a soul. It leads one to a deeper understanding of what God is doing today, which results in a greater appreciation of our Creator and Saviour Jesus Christ. But, unless we read the Holy Bible for ourselves—and mostly importantly, believe it—it cannot and will not profit us.

Just as our physical bodies require adequate food to survive, our souls need sufficient sustenance. Religion starves us by offering “morsels [read that crumbs] of ‘truth,’” but our inner man requires more than a skimpy daily ditty of “spiritual wisdom” if it is to mature. Religious tradition will not lead us to spiritual maturity. God uses His Holy Bible, not church tradition, to “effectually work in them that believe” (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

Our purpose is to teach God’s Word, the Holy King James Bible, so it can be understood and enjoyed. We intentionally pack each and every study with as much sound doctrine as space permits. We do not simply talk about the Bible. We study it, consider it, and then believe it, remembering that context is of utmost importance. When studied correctly—“rightly divided” (2 Timothy 2:15)—God’s Word literally becomes a banquet for your soul!

Each daily devotional is designed to cause you to think outside of “religious norms.” You see what God’s Word actually teaches rather than what it is often presumed to teach, and as one brother says, “The ‘old Book’ is made a ‘new Book.’” Every day, we study the King James Bible rightly divided. We “meditate in [God’s] precepts,” and we “have respect unto [His] ways” (today’s Scripture). What a spiritual banquet it is!!!! 🙂

Thank you, dear readers, for your continued prayer. We pray for you upon every remembrance. On to #700!