Read the King James Bible on Your Own #3

March, 25, 2012

“How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)” (Ephesians 3:3,4 KJV).

God encourages us to read His preserved Word in English, the King James Bible, on our own. Notice how Paul, in today’s Scripture, instructed the Ephesians (and us) to read what the Holy Ghost moved him to write. God gave His written Word, the Bible, to mankind so we could read it and learn His will, especially so we could discover what He is doing today in this the Dispensation of God (“the mystery of Christ”). Alas, wicked man has other plans!

Church hierarchies often restrict pure King James Bible reading. Other times they forbid you from reading any “Bible.” If they do allow you to do any Bible reading on your own, they offer a modern, “more scholastic” (read that “corrupt”) “bible.”

Also, they offer “denominational eyeglasses” which cause you see the Bible according to their view (not according to God’s view; dispensationally). Many churches do not use God’s Word, God’s way. They ignore Paul’s special ministry to us; instead, they instruct you to “follow Jesus” in the Four Gospel Records. They cause you to follow God’s program for Israel—you thereby completely miss the program God is operating today (grace/non-works religion)!

How many billions of sincere church members blindly follow the teachings of their church leaders… leading either to spiritual immaturity or eternal damnation (Matthew 15:14)! Precious lost souls, upon departing this world, finally realize that their church lied to them. By following their church in ignoring the sufficiency of Christ’s crosswork, they now face an eternity of isolation, wrath, and punishment in hellfire. Sadly, instead of relying on God’s Word, they believed their clergy’s admonition, “Rely on the church for your salvation!”

In addition, many Christians will be disappointed when they learn their denomination misled them with religious tradition. Heed the warning! Beloved, read and believe the King James Bible, God’s Word, rightly divided (dispensationally), on your own. NEVER base your eternal destiny (salvation) and spiritual health on the teachings of fallible man.

Published by

Christian ambassador (Shawn Brasseaux)

Grace and peace! What a privilege to be an ambassador for the risen Christ here on WordPress! I am a Pauline dispensationalist Christian saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus plus nothing! My goal is to "have all men saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth" (1 Timothy 2:3,4). I seek to preach Jesus Christ crucified for our sins, buried, and raised again for our justification as the only way to salvation. Also, I seek to edify and perfect the saints using dispensational Bible study and the Authorized Version King James Bible!

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