Iniquity Not Yet Full #4

Thursday, May 15, 2014

“But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full” (Genesis 15:16 KJV).

Today’s Scripture expressly declares why the God of the Bible “takes His time” when dealing with sinful mankind.

Imagine your “pet peeves,” every thing that annoys you. Now, visualize the other seven billion people in the world carrying them out, right in front of you! Billions upon billions of people doing exactly what you hate, for you to see and hear, essentially “rubbing your nose in it!” How long could you handle it? A few seconds, at the most? (Unlike God, who has seen and heard more offensive words and deeds than you will ever see or hear in your earthly life, you could not handle 6,000 years of it!)

The God of Scripture is often slanderously decried as being a cruel, bloodthirsty, tyrannical sadist (Someone who enjoys bullying humanity and takes pleasure when they suffer). All the people whining in this regard have never bothered to consider exactly what horrendous occurrences He witnessed before He inflicted such punishments as described in the Old Testament. These Bible critics never pause to ponder the days, decades, centuries (!), and millennia (!), that His wrath was held in abeyance. They never bother to realize that His mercy and grace was free to anyone who wanted it.

Previously, we saw six instances of God’s longsuffering in the Old Testament. Today’s Scripture demonstrates how He gave the Amorites 400 years to reform (today’s Scripture). By the way, God says He evicted them and installed Israel in their land because the Amorites never improved (Exodus 23:23-25)! Those who complain about a “cruel” Old Testament God need to hush and read the Bible, lest they continue to “speak evil of those things which they know not” (Jude 10).

After 4,000 years of dealing with sinful man, JEHOVAH God came in human flesh, Jesus Christ. He preached to Israel for three years, but they mostly mocked and ignored Him (He knew they would ultimately crucify Him). Israel did not want anything to do with Him. Again, He could have wiped them all out with one quick spoken word, but, again, His grace and mercy delayed His wrath….