The House of Bondage

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

“And Moses said unto the people, Remember this day, in which ye came out from Egypt, out of the house of bondage; for by strength of hand the LORD brought you out from this place: there shall no leavened be eaten” (Exodus 13:3 KJV).

Today’s Scripture is a timeless truth from Israel’s program, one that guards us against spiritual slavery even today.

Scripture refers to Egypt as “the house of bondage” 10 times (Exodus 13:3; Exodus 13:14; Exodus 20:2; Deuteronomy 5:6; Deuteronomy 6:12; Deuteronomy 8:14; Deuteronomy 13:5; Deuteronomy 13:10; Joshua 24:17; Judges 6:8). Each verse also reminds Israel that JEHOVAH delivered her from that slavery. Every time Israel read or heard these Old Testament verses, JEHOVAH reinforced the idea that He, by Moses’ leadership, had rescued them from Egypt, so they were to never again return there. Why?

Remember, the Jews spent centuries in Egypt as slaves. Egypt symbolizes two great Bible themes: the world and sin/Satanic captivity. Israel, in Gentile Egypt, was actually in the midst of all the nations (Gentiles) of the world. Just as the Egyptians had captured Israel and made them slaves to do their work, Satan had captured Israel and made them slaves to do his work (sin). As long as Pharaoh held Israel captive in Egypt, she was not in God’s Promised Land, she was surrounded by pagan idols and polluted with false religion, and she was unusable to JEHOVAH God.

Once JEHOVAH judged wicked Egypt and her false gods with 10 plagues (Numbers 33:4), and brought Israel out of Egypt with miraculous demonstrations, He wanted to guide her back to Abraham’s land, where He would descend and be her King forever. He had separated Israel from Egypt—the world—to do His work (righteousness).

Thus, when today’s modern-version proponents offer us their Alexandrian (Egyptian) manuscript readings, we remember God’s warnings about Egyptian paganism and spiritual ignorance. We refuse such slavery, such bondage, to false religion. We prefer our Antiochian (Syrian) manuscript readings, perfectly preserved for us in the King James Bible. After all, the Christians were first called suchnot in Egypt—but in Antioch (Acts 11:26)!