Speak to the Hungry People!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

“…He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully…” (Jeremiah 23:28b KJV).

Do you have God’s Word? Then speak that Word faithfully, that you may feed the starving souls!

In ministry, I meet many cantankerous people. They are not interested in being Bible believers. They only want to argue and change the Bible text when they disagree with it. What is sad is if they have actually trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour! Then again, I find some people (saved and lost alike) who make ministry so worthwhile. They want to believe God’s Word, and cannot hear enough of it. They want to hear more, more, and more! (It is our pleasure to stick around talking with them as long as possible.)

One Christian sister explained to me that she was teaching dispensational Bible study to another Christian. He was so intrigued by the verses she was sharing. The poor man was “starving” spiritually. Church services were just not feeding his soul. He had religion, but not edification. He wanted to hear more from God’s Word!

A Christian brother who has since gone to meet the Lord, was known for his sincere searching for the truth. That man was so open to being taught the Holy Bible rightly divided. He refused to hear any more denominational teaching—he had heard enough of that for many years before. He wanted the pure Word of God. For hours at a time, he eagerly received Bible lessons! His earthly life was cut short due to illness, but we were so glad to serve him for the brief time we did.

One of my closest friends in the ministry attended weekly services with her husband for some 10 years in a denominational church. Once these Christians came to understand God’s grace and the King James Bible rightly divided, she summarized their decade of denominationalism: “In those 10 years there, we learned nothing!”

Saints, Father God has not yet closed our Dispensation of Grace. We have His preserved Word (the King James Bible), so let us faithfully speak it to as many people as we can before time runs out! 🙂