Students, of Teachers or Scriptures

Monday, June 22, 2015

“Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his [Jesus’] disciple; but we are Moses’ disciples” (John 9:28 KJV).

Similar pompous language is heard throughout Christendumb!

An emerging Christian writer was recently asked why he had such a strong Scriptural case for his uncommon end-times thesis. After all, most “Biblical prophecy scholars” have been teaching another position for decades, and if “Bible scholarship [?]” says so then it must be (pardon the pun) “gospel truth!” How could he—a “nobody”—be correct in quoting Scripture? Why disregard the many well-known “experts” who have preached and taught decades-old traditional eschatological ideas… without verses? How could “scholars” be wrong, much of the “Church” be wrong, and he be right by quoting verses? Did they not read those verses? “You know,” he replied, “I think we have been more students of our teachers than students of our Scriptures.” Upon hearing that, I could have leapt from my chair!

It is not uncommon to hear—“‘Dr. So-and-So’ says this verse is ‘better’ translated…”—“I go by what ‘Brother So-and-So’ teaches from that passage”—“My church’s teaching authority interprets the Bible for me”—“I will believe my study Bible’s notes long before I will believe my Bible text!”

Today’s Scripture is a case-in-point that Christendom is no different from Israel. They follow personalities and celebrities, religion and liturgy, but they do not value God’s Word and cannot see its simple truths. When convenient, conducive to church tradition, a verse is quoted. Remember, Israel studied Moses’ writings for 1,500 years and still overlooked the Messiah about whom Moses wrote. Nevertheless, they strictly followed the Mosaic Law—tithes, Sabbath day, kosher foods, et al. Similarly, Bible readers today still casually scan Holy Writ to find what they want to believe (and leave behind the divine words they prefer were not there). Why? They all are too busy following, mimicking, and believing apostate leaders!

Had those of today’s Scripture truly been Moses’ disciples, they would have let Moses’ inspired words teach them that Jesus was their fulfillment! Likewise, had all of today’s church members truly been Jesus Christ’s disciples, had they truly been Bible believers, they would have believed the Bible and the words of Jesus Christ spoken therein.