Inquest Into Identifying Irreverent Inequality

Friday, July 3, 2015

“The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect. The counsel of the LORD standeth forever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations” (Psalm 33:10,11 KJV).

Indeed, it involves interesting inquest into identifying irreverent inequality.

There is much discussion today about “inequality” and a demand for “equal rights for all.” People should be allowed to do this and should be treated like that. Great social movements in recent decades have aimed to protect and defend the rights of this or that group—“Everyone should be equal and everything should be fair!” Very rarely do these sincere people ever recognize the greatest inequality of all. It is this inequality that matters eternally!

The first time “iniquity” appeared in creation was when “iniquity was found in [Lucifer]” (Ezekiel 28:15). Even today, “the mystery of iniquity doth already work” (2 Thessalonians 2:7). Satan is alive and well in this universe, behaving very unfairly, crookedly, unjustly. Sinful man is following him in that iniquity, that inequality, that unrighteousness. Yes, “inequality” is from the Latin, inaequalitas, meaning, “not equal.” Actually, “iniquity” is also from the Latin, iniquitas, from iniquus, meaning, “not equal or just.” The greatest inequality of all is when creatures rebel against their Creator’s wishes, upsetting the balance, disrupting the harmony, and abandoning the righteousness He preferred in His creation. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way” (Isaiah 53:6a).

Today’s Scripture defines two people. Firstly, there are “the heathen” (Gentiles, nations). JEHOVAH will reduce their counsel, their plans, to nothing. Secondly, there are “the people” (Israel). JEHOVAH will foil their devices, their plots, as well. Jew and Gentile are united in doing whatever they have imagined (sin). JEHOVAH says, in the end, His plans alone will succeed, and His thoughts alone are wise enough to outsmart, outwit, and outlast all others. Despite all of the inequality, the campaign of iniquity designed to hinder and destroy His design in creation, the God of creation says, “Give it your best shot in keeping Me from accomplishing My plans! I will still usher in righteousness, rightness, to restore the balance!”

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Christian ambassador (Shawn Brasseaux)

Grace and peace! What a privilege to be an ambassador for the risen Christ here on WordPress! I am a Pauline dispensationalist Christian saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus plus nothing! My goal is to "have all men saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth" (1 Timothy 2:3,4). I seek to preach Jesus Christ crucified for our sins, buried, and raised again for our justification as the only way to salvation. Also, I seek to edify and perfect the saints using dispensational Bible study and the Authorized Version King James Bible!

3 thoughts on “Inquest Into Identifying Irreverent Inequality”

  1. Why has this article a tag ” God: The Father, the Son Jesus Christ, & the Holy Ghost”? Is it not talking about the only One True God, Jehovah? Though you mark it with Jesus?

    1. Hello.

      Whether in Old Testament or in New, Jehovah manifested Himself in three separate Persons–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Godhead/Trinity is not simply a “New Testament doctrine.” It is found throughout the Old Testament as well.

      Notice Isaiah 48:12, “Hearken unto me, O Jacob and Israel, my called; I am he; I am the first, I also am the last.” Who would be speaking here? Jesus Christ, no? “I am the first and the last” (Revelation 1:17). That is eternality, true only of Jehovah, and yet Jesus Christ claims it for Himself. Thus, Jesus Christ is Jehovah.

      But, let us keep reading in Isaiah 48, now verse 16, with Jesus Christ speaking remember: “Come ye near unto me [Jesus Christ], hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord GOD [Adonai Jehovah, God the Father], and his spirit [The Holy Spirit], hath sent me.”

      In that passage, we see JEHOVAH God the Father (Lord GOD), JEHOVAH God the Son (LORD), and JEHOVAH God the Holy Spirit (the Lord GOD’S Spirit).

      Hope that helps!

      PS–That tag was indicating that when we sin against God, we are sinning against all three Members of the Godhead, for all three are holy and sinless.

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