Critiquing the Critics

Friday, August 5, 2016

He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him (Proverbs 18:13 KJV).

In today’s Scripture, the Bible critiques its critics!

Friend, have you ever heard someone refer to the Bible as a “book of fairytales and mythological stories?” Compared to their other words, this seems to be their “strongest” point. Actually, it is a very lame charge because they probably know little to nothing about the Bible anyway! (They are repeating hearsay—what they heard others say about Scripture.)

Of all the people that I have heard and read who have criticized the Bible, they have all done a cursory examination of it. They have not really studied the Bible to learn why it says what it does and where it does. No, they are dishonest—but they flaunt themselves as “rational, unbiased, open-minded, objective” individuals! (HA!) They have no real curiosity in learning Scripture, no genuine interest in the truth. They have predetermined within themselves that the Bible is a fabrication, and thus have discounted all possibility that the Bible may be true. What is silliest of all? They never even thoughtfully investigated the Bible anyway! They formed an uninformed assumption and parade their ignorance! All the education in the world will never give them insight into the Holy Bible!

Jesus’ critics, when cross-examined, were asked: “Doth our law judge any man, before it hear him, and know what he doeth?” (John 7:51). Of course, those critics were completely clueless concerning their own Old Testament Scriptures! The lost world is just as eager today to (unfairly) condemn the Written Word of God (Holy Bible) as was is in (unfairly) condemning the Living Word of God (Jesus Christ)! Neither will ever get a just trial in lost man’s mind.

Through the years, when dealing with Bible critics and rejecters (especially those of a scientific background such as myself), I have learned that I have usually spent more time considering their viewpoint than they have considering mine! If they want to celebrate their limited understanding of the universe and of life itself, may they enjoy themselves! (Folly and shame, indeed!) At least I can honestly say that I have thoughtfully considered my viewpoint and thoughtfully rejected theirs!