Very Pure

Sunday, September 4, 2016

“Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it” (Psalm 119:140 KJV).

God’s Word is “very pure.”

In his Bible-question-and-answer book, a well-known “scholar” and “apologist” instructed his readers how to respond to people who think the King James Bible is the only “legitimate” Bible. His entire argument—abounding with heathen philosophy from seminary, Bible cemetery—was merely 15 sentences. Boasting a doctorate in theology, he mustered five simple/childish “objections” (wow!) to the King James Bible. Furthermore, for someone supposedly “defending the faith” against skeptics and unbelievers, he was without reservation in challenging and belittling the Bible that English-speaking Christians have used for 400 years!

While we cannot read his heart, we most definitely can read his book: his hatred for the King James Bible was manifested in five gripes. One was a myth about the King James Bible, two were ridiculous complaints, one was a questionable statement, and the last was a half-truth. Having a background in (sneaky) theology, he carefully “edited” his arguments so as not to provide the “full picture.” That is, had he done more research instead of repeating hearsay—or had he provided more detail (which may have been intentionally withheld)—those claiming “King-James-Bible legitimacy” would have been found correct after all! He concluded his “defense” with a claim that he did not intend to “malign” the King James Bible. (Of course not! He just wanted you to think less of it so you [and he] can be “justified” in using any of the preferred 200 modern versions!!)

All the foolishness aside, beloved, we take our stand by faith in Scripture. As one refines a precious metal to remove all impurities, so God’s Word is void of error and deception (today’s Scripture). This is true of the King James Bible. It is not true of the New International Version, not true of the New American Standard Version, not true of the New King James Version, not true of the Voice, not true of the Message, not true of the Amplified Bible, and not true of the English Standard Version. People may not like it but so what! Our King James Bible can be EASILY proven to be “very pure.” Therefore, we LOVE it! (What does this say about its haters?)