Sunday, October 24, 2021

“We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8 KJV).

Are we this “confident” we are prepared for death?

Recently, a friend and dear brother in Christ was driving on his mail route when he discovered the roadway was closed. He would have to circle his town the long way and approach the houses from the opposite direction. Later, once he reached the other side of the neighborhood, he stopped to talk with residents to learn the reason for the road closure. Tragically, a young man had been speeding in his vehicle there when he lost control and perished. His truck had wrapped around some trees, and his body parts scattered everywhere!

Dear friends, this life abounds with uncertainties—and its point of termination can come at the most unexpected time. That aforementioned young man had his whole earthly life ahead of him—or so he thought. He never anticipated he would leave this world when he did—or in what manner he did. We can and do often go about our daily routine as if this life is all there is. “I can trust Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour tomorrow! Let me have fun in sin today! When I have had enough worldly amusement, then I will become a Christian!” How many countless souls have spoken these words—only to pass off the scene before “tomorrow” ever comes? The permanence of their condition is disturbing: where death has found them, death will keep them forever!

We need not “hope” we have a right standing before God when we leave this planet. The Bible says most simply, Christ died for our sins, He was buried, and He rose again the third day(1 Corinthians 15:3,4). As touching forgiveness of sins and eternal life, we just trust what the Lord Jesus Christ already did on our behalf: He is the fully-satisfying payment or sacrifice for all that we have done wrong. These evil deeds, stemming from an evil nature, can all be remedied at Calvary’s cross—but only if we, by faith, reckon it to be true for ourselves. Otherwise, without trusting this Gospel of Grace, it will profit us nothing and we will be unprepared for eternity.

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Christian ambassador (Shawn Brasseaux)

Grace and peace! What a privilege to be an ambassador for the risen Christ here on WordPress! I am a Pauline dispensationalist Christian saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus plus nothing! My goal is to "have all men saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth" (1 Timothy 2:3,4). I seek to preach Jesus Christ crucified for our sins, buried, and raised again for our justification as the only way to salvation. Also, I seek to edify and perfect the saints using dispensational Bible study and the Authorized Version King James Bible!

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