Qualifying Queries

Sunday, June 5, 2016

“But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes” (2 Timothy 2:23 KJV).

The servant of the Lord must carefully choose questions about the Bible.

As a Bible teacher, it is exciting for me to hear from Bible students who are so engaged in Scripture that they ask questions. Some questions are so very easy they can be answered quite quickly. Others require a great deal of study—yes, months or years in some cases!

Bible questions allow me to assess where others are in their Scriptural understanding. It also enables me to see where I am in my own understanding, and where I could use improvement and enlightenment. Oftentimes, when people ask me questions, I research the answers and come away from the Bible with a greater understanding myself. However, sometimes, like them, I have more questions than answers, so I reply, “Before I comment, I will study more!”

Brethren, when it comes to Bible questions, remember the following. On one hand, it is easy to start asking various questions the Bible never definitively answers. We begin to focus too much on subjects the Scriptures rarely—if ever—mention. On the other hand, the Bible is very clear and quite dogmatic about certain issues. We need not overlook those defined ideas and facts by stressing the topics of uncertainty.

Today’s Scripture encourages us to answer Bible questions, provided they are neither “foolish” nor “unlearned.” Such inquiries generate “strife” (fighting, trouble, et cetera). Rather than actually leading to a definite point where something is learned and the inquirer is benefited, these questions are just meant to “go around in circles.” The Bible never clearly comments on them so all you are left with is idle speculations of yourself or others. People then try to prove themselves right and they start arguing with others who also may want to be right. Minds spinning, emotions running, people raise their fists and circle the room!

Before we ask Bible questions ourselves, or answer questions from others, let us be mindful of today’s Scripture. In doing so, we will spare ourselves of Satan’s “devices” meant to discourage Bible discussion altogether!

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