Your “Convenient Season” is Now!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

And after certain days, when Felix came with his wife Drusilla, which was a Jewess, he sent for Paul, and heard him concerning the faith in Christ. And as he reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come, Felix trembled, and answered, Go thy way for this time; when I have a convenient season, I will call for thee (Acts 24:24,25 KJV).

Friend, follow not foolish Felix’s faithless failure!

Paul, arrested in Jerusalem in Acts chapter 22, now stands trial in Caesarea before Judaean Governor Felix. While Paul is in custody, Felix treats him kindly (verse 23). After allowing Paul time to refresh himself with his friends, Scripture says Felix wanted to hear Paul “concerning the faith in Christ.” The faithful Apostle obliged.

Before Felix, Paul “reasoned of righteousness, temperance, and judgment to come.” The Bible says Felix “trembled:” he knew he was a lost man and that he would give an account to God the righteous Judge one day. Felix, however, lost interest in hearing God’s Word. He told Paul to come back when he had a “more convenient season” to listen to the Apostle. To Satan’s delight, amidst various distractions, Felix postponed trusting Christ. He had “better” things to do than sit around listening to Paul talk about God’s Son. Rather than worry about judgment in Hell, he had set his eyes on “living the good life” on Earth.

In fact, to please the Jews, Felix kept Paul in custody for the next two years (verse 27). He frequently called Paul back into his presence, hoping one of Paul’s wealthy friends would bribe him to release Paul (verse 26). Unfortunately, Scripture never says Felix requested Paul bring him the Gospel again. As far as the Scriptural record is concerned, Felix came very close to God’s truth but died a lost man because he never found that “convenient season!”

Like Felix, there are many precious people today procrastinating about preparing for God’s judgment against their sin. Their eternal souls are hanging in the balance—may they tarry no longer! May they trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour now, His finished crosswork as sufficient payment for their sins. Remember, like Felix, they may never again have a “convenient season” like right now!